FCC Questions Verizon Plan to Throttle Some Unlimited Data Customers

By Juli Clover


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler today sent a letter [PDF via Gigaom] to Verizon Wireless, questioning its plan to throttle customers that have unlimited data plans during peak usage times. Verizon first announced its intention to throttle high-usage customers on grandfathered unlimited LTE plans last week. …read more

Source: MacRumors.com

Apple Reminding Shoppers of Upcoming ‘Sales Tax Holiday’ Discounts [Mac Blog]

By Kelly Hodgkins


As spotted by iClarified, Apple is now reminding customers of upcoming “sales tax holidays” that allow residents in several US states to purchase select Apple gear without paying an additional sales tax charge. Customers potentially could save hundreds of dollars by purchasing high-priced items like MacBooks during this annual …read more

Source: MacRumors.com